Testimonials from our Patients:

“The Health Department told me about The CARE Clinic.  They have been a life saver for me and I would go to the emergency room if they weren't here.  I have no medical insurance and I am so grateful to be able to come here.  It's very fearful not to be able to see a doctor.  Thank you all.”

“A friend told me about you and I don't know where I would go if not here...maybe the ER.  You met all my needs and the staff is very caring, understanding and respectful.  I am so glad The CARE Clinic is here so it can help people like me and others.  Without you we would be lost.  Thank you very much for caring.!”

“I heard from a friend about The CARE Clinic and would go to the ER at Cape Fear Valley, if I didn't come here.  My needs were met and the environment was pleasant and also the nurses and doctors.”

“I heard about the clinic by word of mouth and would go to the ER, if I didn't come here.  They met my needs and everyone has been kind, considerate and very helpful.  I thank them for everything that they do.”


“I heard about the clinic from Dr. Sheriff.  If the clinic weren't here, I would not go anywhere, because I can't afford it.  They always meet my needs.  They are always awesome and I appreciate everything.  I am glad to have a place for low income people.  Thank you!!"


“Cape Fear Valley Hospital told me about you and I would go to their ER, if I couldn't come here.  My experience was wonderful!  They told me everything I needed to know and are always helpful.  It is a friendly, courteous environment and helps a lot of people.  Thank you for being here!!”

“I read about the clinic in the newspaper and I have nowhere else to go.  All my needs were met.  I thank everybody in this clinic because I have no money or insurance.  They do a lot for me.”

“I saw something in the newspaper about the clinic and I don't know where I would go otherwise.  I am very much grateful that my needs were all met.  The doctor and staff are very professional and friendly and very understanding; especially these days and times.  Thanks so much!”

“A friend told me about the clinic and maybe I would go to the Health Department, if I didn't come here.  I enjoy seeing the smiling doctors and nurses.  The CARE Clinic is always reliable and very efficient.  The staff is very professional and friendly.  Ms. Katheryn does a very good job here.  Thanks so much!”

“I took a friend here before, so that's how I knew about the clinic.  I don't know where I would go if the clinic were not here.  Everyone is very friendly and nice and concerned.  I appreciate everyone.  Thank you all so much!!!”















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